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Chopin vom Bierstadter Hof, aka King

Born in February 2019



WB and AD titles

Fully Obedience trained 

Fully Protection trained

DNA, Hip A-Normal, Elbow - normal

Full scissor bite

German Import with Pink Papers

AKC pending

King is a stunning black and red German Shepherd. He is 2 1/2 years old.

King is fully obedience and protection trained.

King has an awesome personality and temperament.

He is a large male with strong and muscular build. He has a gorgeous black and red stock coat.  King has a strong head with an intelligent expression. King's structure is perfect. He has a very good muscle tone and he is very big boned. King has a beautiful flowing gate.


King was imported from Germany and will have his Pink German Papers (SV), as well as his AKC registration papers.  

King is a gentle dog, very well mannered. He does not pull on the leash and minds very well.

His protection work is awesome!

King is traffic stopping beautiful!