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Metropolitan Executive Dogs, Inc was established to raise the standards and expectations of security for the family, home and business and to assist dog owners, dog trainer, K-9 Officers and dog competitors in their struggle to meet the more demanding requirements of their individual organization or department.  Through the use of the genetic instincts of the individual dog and a very unique training method (MCM) our clients not only achieve their goals, but exceed the requirements given.


Metropolitan Executive Dogs are the ultimate canine companions for the family, industrial and personal need.

We import and breed only the highest quality dogs. Our Imports are from Europe and come in all ages and training levels. These high-class dogs will exceed your expectations. In our breeding program you will find only the finest bloodlines from Europe. Our puppies are beautiful, strong, and healthy and grow up to be loyal, lovable companions.


Metropolitan Executive Dogs also provides education with fast and durable results. We offer the highest level of various training programs. Our outstanding knowledge will become your expertise.


Metropolitan Executive Dogs, Inc is located 45 miles west of our Nation’s Capital on a beautiful 5.5 acres farm in Jefferson County, WV. We offer large training facilities which enables us to simulate and create situations for the dog to be used for its later working life!

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"Protection Decoy Certification"

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Temperament testing, obedience and trial!

Our instructors and trainers are national and international competitors as well as former European Law enforcement Officers. The diversified experience and background provide our clients with enormous capability to achieve their objectives.


Our dogs will be trained and may be used for personal protection, detection and patrol or both (dual purpose) and high sport competition. Our breeds of choice are the Belgian Malinois, the German Shepherd Dog, and the Dutch Shepherd.

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