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Metropolitan Executive Dogs offers a selection of fully trained dogs for sale. We specialize in providing you with the expertise and experience necessary to help you acquire your perfect dog. Our team only works with the highest quality of dogs, which undergo full health and temperament testing. Our selected imports are raised and trained in Europe or in the United States and come in all ages, from puppies to adults. We can custom-tailor training programs for all of our Executive Dogs.

As professionals in the canine industry, we have a deep understanding of the delicate process of acquiring a new four-legged addition to your family. Our goal is to ensure a successful match between you and your new pet, like Belgian malinois puppies, and we take pride in selecting only the best quality dogs for our clients. We are well-known for our beautiful, lively dogs and our commitment to excellence. Contact us now!

Our  German Shepherd puppies can be found at: 

Our Belgian Malinois puppies can be found at: 

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