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From Frederick I

I can't say enough about Metropolitan Executive Dogs ( Roten Sturm Malinois).

Hardy was very attentive to my sport dog/family dog needs. He was always available to answer any questions throughout the entire process.

Many Thanks again for finding exactly what I wanted in my new sport dog (Bany)


From Zhanna K.:

Hardy and Sabine have trained 6 of my dogs during the last 22 years! I have also had 2 of their fabulous German imports. They offer a Board and Train option and I leave my dogs there when I go on vacation, and they get excellent refresher training! Now they will begin to train my German Shepherd puppy Anastasia for her BH title. 


From Fred K.:

Jacqueline & Olivia

What a beautiful & majestic Dog.

She has brought a lot of joy to our lives!

Nice job Banja!

Thanks, Hardy & Sabine! 

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From Patty S.:

Just want to say thank you to Metropolitan Executive Dogs / Hardy and Sabine Ernsting.

I explained what I was looking for in a Belgian Malinois and they were able to find the right pick.

They are very helpful with every step of the way and mad the transition smooth. They were available to answer any questions and helped set up a training program that fit both of our schedules. 

So, if you are looking for f a dog for any reason

start here with Metropolitan Executive Dogs!


From Jeanette S.:

Que vom Roten Sturm

I am so thankful to own this awesome beautiful dog.

Thanks to Sabine Ernsting 

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From ((Facebook Sabine Ernsting) DVG Judge Akin O.:

I had the privilege of judging the North KG Championship and a club trial in West Virginia, hosted by Podium Schutzhund club this past weekend. It was very nice to see old friends again and make new ones. Hardy and Sabine Ernsting were first class hosts all weekend long. My judge's liaison Patty Smith was outstanding. She was my shadow all weekend long and made sure that I did not lack for anything.

Whether we like it or not, we are all ambassadors of the sport of IGP and it was evident in the conduct of the dog and handler teams as well as all of the folks who worked tirelessly to put on the event. It was especially a pleasure to meet Hardy and Sabine who I had heard a lot about for many years, but never got the distinct pleasure of meeting.

Their love, pride and joy for the sport was evident all weekend long. Their outlook reminded me of the fact that IGP, is simply a sport, where even though there is a great deal of hard work in the preparation, intense competition on the field, there is also great sportsmanship, great food, lots of laughter, team work and comradery.

Thank you to my track layers, Juergen Winkler and Sabine Ernsting as well as the helpers, Rod Davis, Ron Marshall and Marcus Hampton without who there will be no IGP trial for their work.


to the folks that achieved their goals and better luck next time to the folks that were disappointed for whatever reason. Thank you for having me.


Hector, Benny, and Ike vom Roten Sturm


From ((Facebook Sabine Ernsting) Reed R.:

3 Vom Roten Strum dogs in the AWDF Championship trial! Congrats to all the handlers and a special shout out to Sabine Ernsting and Hardy Ernsting for having a fantastic breeding program in place. Keep producing the great dogs Sabine and Hardy!!!


From (( Facebook Sabine Ernsting) Chris B.:

Everyone knows that last Saturday I competed with Zena at the Podium Schutzhund Club Fall trial. What I didn’t say then was that what Zena and I accomplished couldn’t have happened without Hardy and Sabine Ernsting . I honestly cannot thank you two enough for all the help, mentorship, and training that you have so graciously given to help prepare Zena and I. Without that, none of what we have achieved this year would have happened. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to have both of you helping guide me.

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