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We are an elite "all about dogs" facility located on 6 beautiful rolling acres. We are well known for our quality, our beautiful full of live dogs we breed, dogs and puppies we import or select for our breeding program, and the high standard of training we provide. We, Metropolitan Executive Dogs will provide you with the knowledge and skill necessary to own the perfect dog.


Our board and train program provides education with fast and durable results.


Our single obedience program will allow you to be involved in your dog's training. One by one training with our instructor. 


Our advanced obedience group class will provide you and your dog distractions with other dogs. It's a small group (4), so the trainer can give everyone training attention their deserve.

Soon we will add the desired Obedience Classes everyone likes. Please check back with us!

Our Schutzhund Club is an elite dog training group. It is a very specialized dog sport offering tracking, obedience and protection. Originated in Germany back in the days to improve the health and working ability of the German Shepherd Dog. Now it is open to many dog breeds and many breed clubs use it to improve the health and working ability of their breed.  It is an ongoing program for working dogs. Please click here for more information or visit the club's webpage for more information. 

We provide boarding services for our clients. We ensure that you can enjoy your trip away from home - worry free! We will pamper your dog, give him/her plenty of exercise and attention during the stay. We build a positive relationship with your beloved pet and be his best friend. Customize board and train programs are always available during your dog's stay with us. Pickup and delivery services are offered for your convenience.

Grooming services are offered here at our facility. 

Please call us for more information about our board and train executive protection training program. 


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