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Effective & Reliable Dog Boarding and Training

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All dogs can modify their behavior and improve their skills with our reliable training. Our effective dog boarding and training programs are designed for the owner’s needs and are available at various levels. These programs address behavior issues and teach basic commands depending on the dog’s needs.

We complete all programs in our facility so that dogs feel comfortable and receive training at the highest level. During their time with us, dogs learn to sit, heel, and come to their owners. In addition, we teach them manners and to complete problem-solving activities inside and outside our facility.

Metropolitan Executive Dogs has traveled throughout the US and Europe, conducting training programs with multiple breeds. Our travels and experience have taught us that all breeds are different, but they can learn with a caring and committed team like ours.

About Our Programs

All of our board and train dog programs are customized based on an evaluation and the owner’s needs. In our facility, our team provides training and educational exercises focused on motivation and positive reinforcement. With enjoyable lessons, dogs demonstrate fast results and commitment to the training, appreciating the attention they receive. In addition, our trainers take dogs out for a walk to ensure they enjoy the nature surrounding our facility.

Our programs are convenient for owners, especially if they’re taking a vacation. We look after the dogs while training them multiple times per day. At the end of the program, our trainers integrate dogs with new skills into their families, ensuring a smooth transition between our facility and their home.

Improve your dog’s behavior and contact us for more information about our programs.

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