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Designer Board and Train Programs

For many years Metropolitan Executive Dogs has offered various levels of training programs. All of our programs are designer programs just for your needs. We have traveled all over the US and Europe to conduct our training programs with various different breeds.


We do offer the same training program here at our facility. Your dog will stay comfortably here at our facility and receive the desired training level you wish.

We teach your dog sit, down, heel and come as well as any manner and problem-solving training inside our facility and outside. 

  • Our board and train program will provide education and training here at our facility

  • Motivation and positive reinforcement will make every exercise an enjoyable lesson for your four-legged friend.

  • Fast results are instant, and your friend wants to be trained. Your dog will enjoy the attention it receives, and the nature walk we take them on.

  • This board and train program is most convenient to you. You can enjoy your vacation or time away, knowing your four legged friend is well attended to, taking care of, looked after, and receives multiple times per day training.

  • The transfer is a smooth transmission between our facility and your home. Our trainers will integrate your dog with his new skills into your home and your environment

  • Also this program is specially designed for your needs. At the time of the evaluation we customize this program for you and your dog. 

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